Story: My Manifestation Puppy

Here’s one of my latest manifestations.

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted a puppy. Here in the little Costa Rican surf town in which my wife and I live, the roads are dirt and the beaches are abound with dogs, horses, and other wildlife. It’s pure paradise for any creature.

The common mode of transportation is either motorcycle or quad (ATV). People here are resourceful. They’ll load up their motorcycle with water jugs, bags of groceries, their entire family, and other things — including their dog. A comical sight is always seeing a standing dog straddling the motorcycle as its owner speeds down the pothole-laden dirt road.

So naturally, I too was to have my own “motorcycle dog.” Using the techniques I share on this site, I began visualizing myself playing joyfully with my puppy. I imagined taking rides with the dog, cruising to the beach or to a friends house, enjoying it’s company, and FEELING the state of being of a dog owner.

I casually browsed the local “Buy and Sell” Facebook group occasionally, but saw nothing. So I continued using my imagination to assume I was already the dog owner I desired to be.

A few weeks later I opened Facebook and saw someone had posted an abandoned puppy, just seconds before I logged on. The puppy was severely malnourished and in critical need of a loving family. I didn’t know this person, but knew in that instant that she was there for me. The puppy was a young black lab mix — the exact puppy I had been imagining.

I contacted the woman and rushed off to her house, a kilometer or so down the road. It turns out, she was the daughter of the local “tico” family that took the previous owner of my house in after she migrated down from Colorado. Not only that, her father was the taxi driver we hired during our previous trip back to the states, whom we owed $40 to for that trip.

This might seem just a series of coincidences, knowing that I live in a small coastal town. But in reality, the town isn’t all that small — the population is a good couple thousand at least. The work I had done to imagine myself into the reality I desired, had led me to finding the exact puppy I wanted, from a family who is dear to the home I now inhabit, and who (in a seemingly unrelated circumstance) I owed $40 to.

The way I see it, there are no circumstances in life. The “bridges of incidents” that lay before you each and every day, are guided by your state of consciousness and (conscious or unconscious) imagining. So try paying attention to the “coincidences” that happen in your life, because you just might realize that they are more than mere happenstance. And once you begin playing with the manifestation tools I share, you’ll notice that these “coincidences” all conspire to fulfill your active desires.


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