The Only Secret You Need to Manifest Money Fast

Do you desire to manifest a life of total freedom, fun, adventure, and unlimited financial gain?

If so, you’ll want to read this article closely. I’m going to attempt to boil down the wisdom I’ve learned from spending over $20,000 to work one-on-one with millionaires, as well as other discoveries I’ve made along my own journey towards unraveling the mysteries of massive success.

When I was first embarking on figuring out the source of my problems with money, health, and fear, I feverishly devoured as much material on success as I could.

What I discovered is that the mysteries and secrets of success and wealth were spoken of as far back as ancient Egypt. Sages and wisdom keepers wrote secret documents describing the powers of the universe, and how to control them – which at the time were highly controversial and cause for persecution. These teachings were vaulted in secrecy until just a couple of centuries ago when they were finally translated and made available to the public.

The more I studied the wisdom of the ages, the more I realized that modern Law of Attraction teachings all point back to the same fundamental truth (penned by Hermes Trismegistus of ancient Greece):

As within, so without.

And here lies the key to mastering your natural ability to manifest the life of your dreams. I’m talking the ability to unplug your wellspring of money, manifest whatever level of success you desire, and to enjoy every moment of your life.

So what is the meaning of “as within, so without”? In essence, it’s that your external world is a direct reflection of your inner state of beingness. As you feel within, your external world reflects back to you.

“Nothing comes from without; all things come from within – from the subconscious.”
— Neville Goddard

You hold within you the potentiality for anything you desire. All you desire lies within you, and is only a matter of placing your awareness on it to bring it to life. With a little persistence, your directed awareness forms a new self-image and produces a new external reality for you to experience.

The problem that plagues our culture is that of separatism. We feel we must find the answers outside of us, that we’re incomplete and powerless. But the truth is, we are exactly the opposite of that!

The feelings, beliefs, and thoughts we entertain throughout the day are the substance from which our reality is created. Most Law of Attraction teachings dance around this, focusing on vibration and frequency, but almost none get down to the core:

Who you feel yourself to be is what your reality reflects.

Who do you feel yourself to be? Wealthy, poor, successful, struggling, healthy, unhealthy; these are all beliefs that are literally shaping the reality around you.

Try this quick experiment on for size: think of something that scares you. Perhaps it’s standing at the edge of the top of a 32-story building. Notice the energetic effect of this thought that cascades through your body. Likely you’ll notice a ping in your chest and a tightening of your muscles. This quick exercise shows that your awareness and focus changes the chemical state of your physical body.

Imagine walking around in this state for days on end. Do you think it would affect your reaction to your external reality? Of course! You would be walking around, creating your reality to reflect that energy. You’d act defensively, people would react to you differently, your thoughts would be framed through the lens of fear, and your experiences would unfold to reflect it.

This is what we do to ourselves. We sabotage our natural state of abundance and freedom in favor of fear, doubt, worry and limitation.

So how can we master control over our thoughts and beliefs?

By placing our attention on already being what we desire.

The more you feel abundant, healthy, wealthy, successful, etc, the more your reality bends to reflect that. These feelings exude from your consciousness in action, circumstance, and attraction (a la the Law of Attraction).

Perhaps you’ve tried to control your thoughts. It can be a little like a game of war. You against your opponent, fighting for victory. This is the wrong way to go about it.

So what’s the one secret you need to master to manifest the life of your dreams?

Your subconscious.

Your subconscious is like a library of your past experiences. It’s the ONLY place your past exists. Consciously, you own the present. Your past – buried deep in your subconscious – is accessed when you point your awareness on a particular concept or thought. Your past is cataloged into mental structures called paradigms, which are sets of beliefs surrounding a particular concept. When you think of something, you subconsciously access your past experiences and paradigms to find relevance to what you are perceiving in the present.

Paradigms are beliefs such as I am always struggling with money, all successful people are greedy, money is difficult, I don’t deserve wealth, etc. These are what anchor you to your present circumstances, and make it challenging to change them.

Therefore, it is your subconscious – your paradigms – that you must tend to if you desire to make life-changing shifts in your reality. And I’ve discovered what I believe to be the best way to go about this:


If you desire big change in your life, whether it’s with money, success, or otherwise, I strongly urge you to check out this resource:

Go now and find your own key to freedom, because it’s already within, and you deserve all that you desire. Invest in yourself. You deserve it.


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