The secret to getting out of debt is…

“The secret to getting out of debt is to design a life where the debt cannot exist.”

– Andy Shaw

The more you focus on desiring money, the more you’ll be attracting the feeling of desire, of lack, of not having.

What Andy is saying here is to instead focus on the details of the life you desire… the feelings you would have, the activities you would enjoy, how people would congratulate you, how you would provide for your family… really think about how you would want to live. Imagine that in present tense. Play with embodying the feeling tone of that state of being. THAT is the secret.

If you really think about it, money is only a byproduct, it is not the end result. It might provide a fleeting sense of security, but ultimately it’s there to be spent. Money sitting in the bank is not going to provide happiness beyond the initial excitement of, “yea, I have it!!” …but now what?

Feel the difference?

So how would YOU spend it?

Once you design your dream life in detail, then, over a period of time (as long as you stay in a state of alignment with it), the debt will naturally fall out of place and the money will fall into place to fulfill it. The universe will connect bridges to lay the path in front of you.

It’s a contradictory perspective to our common status quo. But how is that status quo working out? Not very well… we’re under a trance of desiring what the other person has, the riches we see in the media, and the lives others live. But we’re not encouraged to stop and think, “how do I want to live MY life?”

So just play with it. Start designing your life. Notice when you are desiring money abstractly, and ask yourself questions. Get to know your deepest desires. Write them down. Play with them. Bring them to life in your imagination.

Your imagination is your divine workshop, your canvas, your superconductor of creation. It’s the faculty that sets us apart from other species.

“We are here in this world of experience for a divine purpose: to know imagination.”

– Neville Goddard


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