Reprogramming Your Brain for Success

Have you ever wondered why you seem to always fall back into certain circumstances or experiences? Maybe it’s that even though you make an earnest effort to save month each week, you always end up broke at the end of the month. Or maybe that success seems to always slip through your fingers, even though you feel you’re doing all the right things. This is the power of paradigms.

Paradigms are a multitude of habits that guide every move you make. They affect the way you eat, the way you walk, even the way you talk. They govern your communication, your work habits, your successes and your failures.

— Bob Proctor

Paradigms are belief systems, most of which were inherited by your environment — parents, teachers, media. They’re an accumulation of other people’s belief systems, habits, and opinions. And they are what makes up your state of consciousness.

I can tell you right now that it’s not your fault! It’s our human nature to adapt, especially in our most formative years (under 7 years old).

If you want to change your results — in a massive and life-changing way — you must examine and reprogram paradigms and beliefs that are not serving you. You must program a wealth consciousness. And when you do, everything changes; it’s like a switch went off and you’ll suddenly be living in a brand new world of possibility. It’s THAT powerful!

I’ve assembled a list of tools that I’ve used effectively to reprogram limiting paradigms. All of these are effective, but explore each one and find what works best for you.

Total Money Magnetism Program

This program uses technology as a way to shortcut paradigm-shifting wealth programming. It’s a simple training that only takes minutes per day, but produces great results. I credit it as an essential step in my journal towards financial freedom. The cost is very minimal for the value it offers. This is perhaps the easiest of the tools in this list.

Here’s a testimonial from the program:

 “After listening to your material, I have now found myself both a business partner and an investor who wants to invest 1.5 million dollars in my concept …’

‘Meanwhile my partner has been headhunted twice for 2 jobs, one which is triple his pay… All in the space of a month! Incredible… thanks for your great sessions.”

— M.W., UK

Here’s a Video to Learn More About Total Money Magnetism

I also did an in-depth review of the product here

Bob Proctor’s Paradigm Exercise

Bob Proctor, one of the world’s most revered success coaches, credits his rapid success to a defining paradigm shift he underwent in 1961. At the time he was doing janitorial work, but with the help of a mentor, his life changed like night and day in a short amount of time. The following is his process for uprooting and shifting unproductive paradigms:

  1. Think about a result you’re getting that you don’t want and ask yourself what behaviors or habits are causing that result.
  2. Write the behavior out in crystal clear detail.
  3. Ask yourself what habit or behavior is the polar opposite of the behavior you just identified.
  4. Write out the new behavior on another sheet of paper.
  5. Burn the paper that contains the bad habit (as a symbolic gesture).
  6. Write the positive habit out four or five times a day. Read it frequently. You will eventually lodge that idea in your subconscious mind.

Proctor continues…

“Once it begins to take root, it takes the power away from the bad habit and the bad habit actually dies from lack of nourishment. Then, the deposited one takes over.

Now it will take a fair amount of energy and understanding to do these things, but I promise you it will be very much worth the effort because it will allow you to write your own ticket in life.”

Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique

Revision, a technique gifted to the world by Neville Goddard, is a tool for mentally revising past memories to change present reality. You can read in detail about the technique on this page.

Revision is based on the fundamental principle that imagination creates reality. In other words, your unique circumstances and experiences are created based on the expectations and models of reality that you hold in your imagination. Therefore, “revising” your past memory of events changes your expectation and experience of your present.

You can revise any experience either during the event, immediately after, or months or years later. Simply take a moment to enter your imagination, know and feel that it is going (or went) to your ideal, then return to your present moment awareness. What this quick revision does is instantaneously changes your mental image of the experience, immediately shifting it into something new.


The Unleash Project was created to empower individuals to take control of their lives and their destiny, by sharing the work of Neville Goddard, Napolean Hill, and other mystics and great teachers of timeless wisdom. Recognizing that we live in a polarized time of both accelerating spiritual awakening and heightened systems of control, the Unleash Project aims to help those interested in raising their conscious awareness and power to a new levels.


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