Is it Possible to Manifest a Million Dollars?

Is it possible to manifest a million dollars? Of course, anything is possible. It all comes down to belief.

But for most people desiring to manifest a million dollars, it’s such a large shift in consciousness that it almost inevitably results in frustration and failure, or even worse, manifesting the opposite. And in reality, for most people it’s not a million dollars they want, or a lottery win, but rather the financial freedom that comes with it.

If you’re focusing on a lofty and materialistic desire such as a million dollars, when you’ve never experienced the feeling and consciousness of actually owning that sum of money, almost always force or desperation is present. And when you occupy a state of force and desperation, that’s exactly what’s going to manifest in your life, because you are attuned to that vibration.

“The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled, is directly proportionate to the NATURALNESS of your feeling of already being what you want to be…  of already having what you desire.”
— Neville Goddard

As Neville taught, you only consciously manifest something when you reach a point of naturalness with it. It’s a feeling that you already have what you desire, to the extent that your reactions to the external world, as well as your inner conversations, are that of a person who does.

But for a million dollars, most people can’t relate to this state. It’s a hope or dream. It doesn’t feel natural. They can’t effectively put themselves into the state of having it, because they don’t have enough reference to really experience it. And likely they haven’t even thought about what they would do with the money. This keeps the desire ethereal and distanced.

I’ve thought about this at times, and personally believe this is why many successful people identify their journey as a “slow climb” to success. Because as they held their desired state in mind relative to their reference point of experience, over time their feeling or naturalness with that state slowly evolved and aligned. For most people it’s like this — a slow evolution into the person they desire to be.

So how can we make this shift in consciousness towards our desired state more easy to occupy and maintain? Through designing a story you can relate to. Let’s explore.

Using Stories to Manifest Effectively

Your memories are resource states. Think of a memory you cherish, and the story of that experience unfolds in your imagination. As you revisit this story, the physiology in your body actually changes. This is why accessing resource states are so powerful.

So ask yourself — what would imply that you’ve become a millionaire? What would you experience with your friends? What emotions would you share? What would you share with your family? What would you love about being financially free? These are all resource states that you can use to anchor in your new state of millionaire consciousness. Because a million dollars isn’t anything but an amount in your bank account — it’s the feelings and experiences that are the true identity of the state.

For me, achieving my next level of income means building my second dream home down here in Costa Rica. When I do my daily visualization work, I imagine myself spending time with friends around my custom fire pit, drinking Costa Rican beers on the outdoor deck of my modern jungle “masterpiece,” looking out over the lush rainforest valley and ocean view off in the distance. My friends and I are celebrating, and I feel the fiery excitement of financial abundance and a booming business. And there’s also the relief of having such an abundant life.

Notice how the focus is not on a million dollars, but instead on how my life would change and expand, as well as how I would feel, by having previously obtained a sizeable sum of money. This puts your manifestation in your past, and opens up space in your consciousness to allow your present to begin shifting and shaping to its fulfillment.

Late last year, my wife and I went to visit a small surf town in southern Costa Rica. We happened to stay at a hotel where the owners were selling a lot of land. We went to see it — a beautiful 2 acres, overlooking the gorgeous gulf and rolling jungle hills. I had been attracted to exactly what I imagined in my visualization story. At the same time, my business received new projects that brought me the funds to afford it. I’m literally watching my story unfold.

This is how fun it can be to focus on the story instead of the thing. You get to watch how it unfolds. Isn’t that better than obsessing and stressing over the attainment of the thing?

So think about what would imply to you that you’re financially free. Poke around and explore those feelings, and create an imaginal act around that. This kind of story can be manifested easily, because it gets you out of your own way and allows things to happen.

Learn more about the manifestation tools of my favorite mentor, Neville Goddard.


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