Nothing ever goes wrong, because every piece of contrast…

“Nothing ever goes wrong, because every piece of contrast, no matter how strong it seems to be, is always helping you to clarify what it is you do want. And that is the thing that we want you to remember most of all: the contrast, no matter how it looks in any moment, is contributing mightily to your expansion. The things that you call ‘things going wrong,’ in your life experience are actually the distance between the things that are so right and your current perspective about them.”

— Abraham Hicks

The “contrast” is often what pulls us out of alignment with our goals and desires.

But what if the “things gone wrong” in life are actually happening according to a specific divine order?

If you’re feeling friction or force in any activity, you have an opportunity for expansion. You have an opportunity to step back, turn within, and listen for guidance.

You have the opportunity to use your imagination to re-focus your desires, and hone in on EXACTLY what it is that you want.

Contrast comes when we are IN NEED of redirection. It’s the universe’s way of guiding us.

Remembering that the contrast is there to guide us makes it a whole lot easier to stay in the feeling of the wish fulfilled. And THAT is what pulls us towards the actualization of our desires.

When I first heard this from Abraham-Hicks, and really took it to heart, it caused massive shifts within me.

So, allow your contrast to guide you and reveal your path of least resistance. Trust it, embrace it, ask for it.

It’s the difference between struggle and momentum. Which do you choose?

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