Money Magnet Tip #12: Focus on thoughts that expand

The more you play with noticing your thoughts, and revising them actively, the more you attune yourself to the feeling tones of those thoughts.

The way I see it, thoughts can either move you in two ways: expansion or contraction.

Just for a moment, let’s try an experiment. Close your eyes, and think, “I’m broke.”

Now notice what your body feels like when you hold this statement in your awareness. It might be a contraction in your chest, a tightening in your stomach — it’s different for every person, but the commonality is that you’ll feel a sense of contraction.

Now try the same exercise, but while thinking, “I’m totally taken care of and never have to worry about money ever again.”

Notice what feelings that brings up. Likely — if you’re really feeling this, and it’s not mucked up with other emotions — you’ll feel a sense of openness in your heart, a loosening of tension in your body, and “easeness” of being.

See, thoughts of expansion are inviting more expansion. Expansion is evolution, it’s growth, it’s betterment. Expansion is continuous and certain, like the expansion of the universe, or our collective consciousness.

Any pursuit of a desire, of an ideal you want to be, is a pursuit of expansion. When you really attune yourself to the feelings and sensations of your physical reality you’ll notice that.

So focus on expansion. Get to know your specific feelings of expansion, and use that as a guide towards what moves you. In my experience, you can never go wrong with following a sense of expansion.

Likewise, notice when you feel a sense of contraction, and revise that thought. Consciously redirect it into a thought that invites growth or new opportunities into your life.

Play with expanding thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Because play — the act of embracing and cultivating joy — is an act of expansion.


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