Hacking Your Words For Success

Words have power.

Just take that in for a moment. Those three words themselves carry an energy. You can FEEL it.

We know that staying in alignment with your goals and desires is essential for success. You cannot achieve a new level of being without stepping out of your existing state of being and stepping UP into your desired state of being.

Words can either propel you forward or pull you back. Therefore, taking an inventory of one’s personal lexicon is vital to success.

And I always like to ask, how can I hack this process and supercharge my results?

That is what I’d like to play with today.


Every object, situation, event, or opportunity is neutral until it is met with consciousness. Once you bring that event into the realm of your conscious awareness, you assign to it MEANING.

The trouble is, we often assign meaning that pulls us back rather than propels us forward. We’ll base our subjective interpretation on the mood of the moment, the concern of the hour, or the drama of the day.

Your ego left to run the “meaning show” can be an alignment kill switch.

So let’s play with an example. Say you’re walking down the sidewalk and pass a cafe with a few tables curbside.

There is an attractive woman sitting at one of the tables, sipping her coffee delicately. As you pass, you smile. She’s attractive, she’s sitting alone, so why not?

In the corner of your eye, as you pass, you see her laugh. It was only a split second, and you barely caught it in your peripheral vision, but you swore she laughed.

She was laughing at me. See, I’m never going to find a mate — you think.

Hold the phone — how do you know that’s what she was thinking? What if she was laughing at a text she just received on her phone? Or laughing is her way of flirting back at you?

See, we dubiously assign meaning to events that we have no clue about. A simple smile could either elevate your alignment with True Self, or deflate you into a loop of self-pity.

It’s entirely your choice. That’s the beauty of your divine gift of power of choice.

We literally construct our subjective reality through our decisions of thought and belief. Notice my careful word usage there: decisions of thought and belief. That’s right, YOU decide that which you think and believe.

It may begin with the seed of a single thought, but that seed is then watered and fertilized by the words we speak that are in support of it. Your words are one of the first physical manifestations of your thoughts. Think about it.

Our egoistic mind likes to play games with us. So let’s explore how we can take our power back.


I’d like to explore two ways of hacking your tendency to assign negative meaning, so that when you notice subjective meaning bringing you down, you can disrupt that pattern and bring yourself back into alignment of your true, infinite Self.

I’m calling this MEANING DISRUPT.

Hack #1: “I am that I am.”

This first hack is simply bringing the object or event back to its core beingness. In the case of the mid-day stroller, he would say to himself, “she laughs because she laughs.”

In other words, X exists because it exists.

This strips the object or event of your assigned meaning, and brings it back to its initial state of potentiality.

Repeat this a few times yourself, until you feel the tension ease and your mental loop disintegrate. You’ll be reset back to neutral — back in control.

Hack #2: “No Meaning.”

The second hack is triggering the realization that NOTHING HAS MEANING until you assign it.

You can practice this by simply looking around the room, and saying to yourself “X has no meaning” to whatever the light of your awareness falls on.

The lamp has no meaning. The computer has no meaning. That email has no meaning.

Because ultimately, it doesn’t, until you assign it. EVERYTHING IS POTENTIALITY, and nothing more.

Think about when you see your bank account balance low. Your mind might immediately spin off into what ifs. What if I can’t pay my rent next week? What if I lose my apartment? What if I can’t feed myself? What if I die a slow, torturous death because of it?

If you notice, a neutral state of your bank account suddenly becomes the apocalypse. And that just mucks up your creative mind. You become a useless blob of anxiety. So use this hack to de-blob yourself immediately.

Next time you catch yourself spinning into the apocalypse, simply repeat to yourself X has no meaning. Allow yourself to sink back into pure awareness, then re-approach the situation. Chances are you’ll be much more level-headed and creative about it. An idea or two may come to you that you can then put into action; ideas that you wouldn’t have heard if you were riding the downward spiral of meaning.

These two hacks will pull you out of that self-destructive state, before you have the opportunity to put those thoughts into words. Then, from there, you can assign productive meaning, meaning that will PROPEL you forward towards your goals and desires.

As always, comment with your experiences, questions, or insights. I love your input!


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