How to Bend Reality to Your Desires

You’ve probably noticed that we discuss Neville Goddard a lot on this site. Well, there’s good reason for that.

When I was first embarking on my journey of awakening — in other words, when I began realizing my life circumstances were a product of my own doing and being — I feverishly devoured as much material as I could.

At the time, I was nearly bedridden with anxiety and chronic fatigue. I didn’t leave the house for weeks. I was suffocating in a world of rampant “misfortune.”

What turned me on to the wisdom of the ages was the promise of personal power. I had been scratching at staying afloat in a world that had knocked me down a few too many times, but it wasn’t working. No matter what supplement, diet or protocol I tried, nothing fixed me. Because my salvation was lying within.

I studied the “masters,” old and new, esoteric wisdom, and success gurus of the times. What quickly dawned on me was they were all drawing from the same wellspring of ancient wisdom. Each with their own flavor, their own embellishments, but ultimately teaching the same lesson — as within, so without.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” was penned by Hermes Trismegistus of ancient Greece, in the sacred texts of Hermeticism. What it’s saying, in essence, is that your external world is a direct reflection of your inner state of beingness. That you have ultimate control, because you are one with the universe.

Of all the teachers and mystics, Neville Goddard has always stood apart to me in his eloquence and practical application of these timeless principles. Although he’s no longer with us, the relevance of his words lives on. His wielding of the imagination is intriguing and powerful; which is why I prefer his methods of visualization.

“I urge you to dream nobly. Although your dream may seem impossible, invite it into your consciousness by feeling it is real. Wear this feeling as you would a suit of clothes, and persist until the feeling takes on the tones of reality. Do that, and in a way no one knows, your desire will appear as an eruption of your continuous thought.”

— Neville Goddard


At the core of Neville’s teachings is to assume the consciousness of the desire you wish to be (or have). As you wear this feeling as you would a suit of clothes, you’re living in the state of your wish fulfilled. In other words, your state of consciousness is what constructs your life circumstances around you.

Neville teaches to both “rest” and “walk” in the state of the wish fulfilled. He would sit in his arm chair and do visualizations, imagining he was in Barbados. He would also walk the streets of New York, FEELING AS IF he was already in Barbados. Then, as if by magic, opportunities to travel to Barbados would fall before him.

Neville had discovered how to use his imagination to BEND THE WORLD AROUND HIM.

Let’s explore an example that might be more relevant to your life. Say you desire $10,000 by the end of the month — how would you rest and walk in the state of your wish fulfilled? Well, first, you’d do daily visualizations either sitting or lying down, exploring the FEELING tones of having that $10,000 (we’ll explore this shortly).

Then, in between your “rest” sessions, you would go about your day FEELING AS IF you already had it, carrying the feeling tones you identified in your visualization sessions. In other words, you go about your day with a consciousness predicated on already having your desire.

That last part is a little nebulous, so let’s explore a bit. How would you live your day if you ALREADY had your $10,000? Well, you’d probably look at that lunch spot and think, I could treat myself today. If you were browsing online and saw an ad for the latest gadget, you’d think I’m going to order that. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t, but the difference lies in your awareness and entertainment of possibility.

Can you see the difference in that? Thinking (or speaking) I could never have that creates exactly that circumstance in your physical reality… not being able to have that! And thinking I can’t wait to have that or I already feel like I have that opens the door for the universe to lay “bridges of incidents” to deliver it.

Remain in the state of the wish fulfilled, until you FEEL it’s reality. Then, it’s done, and only a matter of time for your physical reality to reflect it.

This is powerful stuff! It works, if you follow the formula. So, let’s dive a little deeper into the formula.


I’m going to allow Neville to teach the actual exercise, because he says it best. So let’s dive right in.

“The first step in changing the future is desire – that is: define your objective – know definitely what you want.”

This is an important one — have you thought about EXACTLY what you desire? I want to be a millionaire is not a specific desire, it’s an abstract thought. Really determine WHO you would be as a millionaire — what you would DO with the money, how you would FEEL with the money, and so on.

“Secondly: construct an event which you believe you would encounter following the fulfillment of your desire – an event which implies fulfillment of your desire – something that will have the action of self predominant.”

So the second step is, before you begin the visualization sessions, think of an event that implies the desire is fulfilled. Neville will get to an example shortly, but essentially you’re going to imagine an event that could not happen without your wish being fulfilled. For instance, a friend congratulating you for accomplishing it — the act of your friend congratulating you could ONLY happen if your wish was fulfilled.

“Thirdly: immobilize the physical body and induce a condition akin to sleep – lie on a bed or relax in a chair and imagine that you are sleepy; then, with eyelids closed and your attention focused on the action you intend to experience – in imagination – mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action – imagining all the while that you are actually performing the action here and now. You must always participate in the imaginary action, not merely stand back and look on, but you must feel that you are actually performing the action so that the imaginary sensation is real to you.

It is important always to remember that the proposed action must be one which follows the fulfillment of your desire; and, also, you must feel yourself into the action until it has all the vividness and distinctness of reality.”

The third step is the visualization exercise. As Neville describes, sit or lie down, close your eyes, and induce a state “akin to sleep.” In other words, you are lowering your brainwave state down to levels in which your subconscious is dominant — this is because you will be using your subconscious as a portal to conscious creation of your future reality!

There are different approaches to inducing a state akin to sleep, but the most basic is simply to take 30 seconds to pay attention to your breathing. This lowers your brainwaves from Beta down to Alpha… in other words, slows your brain activity down to be more effective in your imagining.

Then, as you begin imagining your event implying fulfillment of your wish, you MUST be experiencing it THROUGH YOUR OWN EYES. In other words, you’re not watching a movie of yourself, you are FEELING IT AS REAL. This is the cornerstone of Neville’s visualization exercise.

Now let’s look at an example by Neville:

“For example: suppose you desired promotion in office. Being congratulated would be an event you would encounter following the fulfillment of your desire. Having selected this action as the one you will experience in imagination, immobilize the physical body, and induce a state akin to sleep – a drowsy state – but one in which you are still able to control the direction of your thoughts – a state in which you are attentive without effort. Now, imagine that a friend is standing before you. Put your imaginary hand into his. First feel it to be solid and real, then carry on an imaginary conversation with him in harmony with the action. Do not visualize yourself at a distance in point of space and at a distance in point of time being congratulated on your good fortune. Instead, make elsewhere here, and the future now. The future event is a reality now in a dimensionally larger world; and, oddly enough, now in a dimensionally larger world, is equivalent to here in the ordinary three-dimensional space of everyday life.

The difference between feeling yourself in action, here and now, and visualizing yourself in action, as though you were on a motion-picture screen, is the difference between success and failure.”

One distinction I’d like to point out, which is a cornerstone of Neville’s techniques, is the congratulatory conversation. Imagining a friend congratulating you for your wish fulfilled — whatever the accomplishment may be — puts you in a state BEYOND the receiving of your desire. The reason why this works is it gets you out of the resistant state of how your desire will manifest — transforming you directly to the NOW of FEELING IT AS REAL.

So there you have it — Neville’s formula to wielding imagination to bend reality to your desires. Do a “session” two or three times per day, repeating the inner experience of your event implying the wish fulfilled.

Remember, it’s key to FEEL the sensations within your body of your wish fulfilled. How does it feel to have that $10,000? Do you feel an ease in your chest, knowing you’re taken care of? Identify those feelings, carry them with you throughout your day so that it feels natural to do so, and that’s when the magic REALLY begins to happen.

Once you are living FROM the state of consciousness of that wish fulfilled, it has been born unto the world. Then, as everything has a gestation period, it will be made visible at the exact appropriate time. Once it has been solidified in YOUR mind, it exists in the world, and is only a matter of revealing itself.

“Expecting the new state to happen now, you don’t remain faithful to it. But if you will remain there until it becomes natural to think from that state, it will be born in your world. There is a period of time between your entrance into the invisible state and its visibility, and it has to come. Everything has an interval of time. The vision has its own appointed hour. If it seems long, wait. It is sure and it will not be late.”

— Neville Goddard

Follow this formula, and watch how your life begins to morph into the fulfillment of your imagined desires!

Let’s end on a testimonial by Neville Goddard of this technique in action. Note that it does not include the element of congratulatory conversation, because that is simply an approach and is not essential for the manifestation to happen. What IS essential is you FEELING IT IS REAL.

“A short time ago a friend told me she would love to visit Norway, but felt she could not afford it. I suggested that she dwell in Norway by seeing the world from Norway. She was not going to look at Norway from Los Angeles, or ask how she was going to get there, but to simply sleep as though her bed was in Norway and it was the only substance.

I received a card from her today, from Norway, where she confessed that she dwelled in the state as though she was there and she received a call from a casting office requesting her to make a picture in Norway!”

— Neville Goddard


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