The Basics of Mastering Manifestation Explained Differently

In the Unleash Project we teach manifestation principles and techniques that center around the teachings of Neville Goddard, for reasons I will explain shortly. So I wanted to lay out for you — all in one place — an overview of the manifestation techniques he taught in his lectures and books. Let’s call this your Manifestation Toolkit crash course.

Personally, I’ve played with a dozen manifestation methods and techniques, ranging from Christie Marie Sheldon to Bob Proctor to Abraham Hicks. While most have common threads and overlaps, I choose to work with Neville’s techniques on a daily basis because of a few simple characteristics: they’re simple, powerful, lean, and super effective.

For the Neville uninitiated, Neville Goddard (1905-1972) was a mystic, lecturer, and author. At the core of his work is the principle truth that you are the creative power of the universe, and that your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner state of mind. Because of this, you can wield your imagination to influence change in the world around you. He shared countless stories of his lecture attendees manifesting miracles by using his simple techniques of the imagination.

The Fundamental Principle

“Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Though reason denies it, though your senses deny it, don’t waiver in that assumption. Persist in the assumption, and that assumption will harden into reality.”

— Neville Goddard

To succeed using Neville’s principles, you must accept the fact that you are the operant power in your reality. You are the creator of your life, your experiences, and your circumstances. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you. Your imagination creates your reality.

Once this fact is accepted, you no longer stand by idly hoping for circumstances in your life to change; you suddenly have TOTAL POWER to change them. That is the power of Neville’s teachings.

Your reality is like a mirror, reflecting what you hold in your imagination.

Neville’s teachings all revolve around a simple practice: using your imagination to experience your wish fulfilled, thus using the Law of Attraction to allow the universe to “lay bridges of incidents” to make it happen.

Neville taught that you must think FROM your desire, rather than OF it. By thinking from your wish fulfilled, you are experiencing it in your imagination as already done. This is much different from desiring something, it’s assuming the consciousness of the person already having it.

There are three basic tools that Neville taught: Revision, I Remember When, and the Congratulatory Conversation. Each tool has a purpose and use case.

TOOL 1: Revision

Revision is a tool used when you want to change how your past affects your present and future — because your present circumstances are a direct result of your past “imagining.” According to the fundamental principle, you are constantly imagining your reality into form, and therefore you have the power to revise it to manifest changes in your present or future.

Revision is very effective in breaking patterns of behavior or circumstance — anything that seems to happen to you over and over. You can even revise how people interact with you.

“The present is not what we want, but it is what the past has produced. In revision, we heal the past.”

Here’s how you do it. Before going to sleep at night, think back through your day to anything that didn’t go EXACTLY how you wanted it to go. It could be an angry email you got, or that you didn’t receive your paycheck… ANYTHING that didn’t go as desired.

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing for a few breaths, and when you feel an inner stillness (Neville called this reaching a state akin to sleep — in other words, a sleepy subconsciuos-dominant state), replay those events of the day. But replay them TO YOUR IDEAL. In other words, how you wanted them to happen (but they didn’t).

So if you want to revise the angry email you got, imagine yourself opening your inbox, then opening the email, and reading it as you wished it had read. Word for word, read it TO YOUR IDEAL, saying exactly what you WISH it had said.

Do this over and over, until you feel each new memory to be real. Imagine it like your memories are computer files and you are overwriting them with new ones. Revise until you feel the new memory as your natural state of being — that is, it’s the first impression you feel when thinking of the past event. This is a place many people get hung up, so read that again — you’re striving for a feeling of naturalness.

Here’s a story (one of many) Neville told of how he would use Revision to change news from a friend, and then watch their reality change to mirror his imagining.

“My telephone technique never fails. I can give you dozen of stories of the results I have received through its use. Here is another. A friend, in her 50’s desired to change her job for financial reasons. She wanted to return to the electronic plant where she formerly worked but felt that because of her age she would not be accepted. Ignoring all of the negative thoughts, I simply heard her excited voice tell me she had the job! One week later she called, saying: “They not only gave me the job with a large salary increase, but I am receiving credit for the ten years I worked there before, which will be added to my retirement.”

How often to use it: Neville often spoke of using this every night before going to sleep. He also would use this the moment immediately following an undesirable experience, such as just having hung up the phone following a conversation.

TOOL 2: I Remember When

The “I Remember When…” tool is used as a quick tune-up to bring you back into the state of your wish fulfilled. It transports your present NOW to a time PAST the fulfillment of your desire.

For instance, by saying, “I remember when I earned $50,000 in one month,” you are inviting your imagination to assume the consciousness of how it feels to have already earned that $50,000. You’ve now transported yourself — via your imagination — to a time and consciousness of already having it.

“This principle can be used in a destructive or constructive way. You can say: “I remember when this was a glorious building and look at it now” as you become aware of rubble where once a glorious building stood.

Or you can stand on rubble and say: ‘I remember when this was all rubble,’ as you imagine a glorious building. You can say: ‘I remember when my friend had nothing and now he has much,’ or: ‘I remember when he had much and now he is so poor.'”

Putting yourself into an I remember when state removes you from the friction of the moment and allows you to let go. It instantly puts whatever unpleasant feeling that was consuming you in the past, creating space for something new to show up in the now.

When you remember when, you are accessing your Rolodex of past emotions and feelings. You’re suddenly embodying the feeling tones of that state, allowing the Law of Attraction to kick in and reveal evidence of it in your reality.

The other byproduct of this tool is that it instantly imbues you with a feeling of accomplishment, which puts you into a state of flow. So you can remember when you had finished your project effortlessly, which puts you into the present flow of fulfilling that remembering.

How often to do it: You can do this any time you feel friction in the moment and would like to quickly teleport yourself into the state of your wish fulfilled.

TOOL 3: The Congratulatory Conversation

With the Congratulatory Conversation you design the future you want. Essentially it’s a visualization technique where you imagine someone congratulating you on the accomplishment of your desire. There are a few deeper and subtle things going on here — so let’s dissect it.

The first thing is that you always go to the END of your desire fulfilled. You get to skip all the prickly points of trying to guess how it’s going to happen, who is going to happen with, or when it’s going to happen, and land straight at the end of it already being in your past. This is an aspect that makes it more effective than common visualization techniques, because often focusing too much on the specifics is what will cause you to fail.

The second thing is that this tool is using implied fulfillment. By imagining someone congratulating you, you are further distancing yourself from the how, and basking yourself in the accomplishment, which is a state of being. So remember that when constructing your congratulatory scene — what state of being do you desire to manifest?

“By actually feeling that you are being congratulated, your imagination will go to work to bring about that state in your outer world. You need not be concerned about how this will be accomplished. Your imagination will use whatever natural means are necessary to bring it about.”

So here’s how you do it. Sit quietly in a room without distraction, and focus on your breathing until you feel calm and centered, again entering your state akin to sleep.

Then, in your mind’s eye, see yourself standing in front of your friend, coworker, or family member while they congratulate you on accomplishing the desire you’re working on. Carry on a conversation from YOUR point of view. This is key — you must experience this conversation, in your imagination, from the perspective of you experiencing it (not outside your body watching, but inside your body).

For instance, if you desire $50, imagine a friend saying, “That’s so awesome that you received that $50, randomly and unexpectedly! Congrats!” Imagine them giving you a high five, and really celebrating your accomplishment. See the $50 in your hands, and watch your friend smile about it. Make it as real as possible in your imagination.

It also helps to imagine other senses, like hearing sounds, or feeling touch. Anything to make it more real helps solidify the act in your imagination (and therefore, in your reality). This is why a high five or handshake helps, because it adds the element of touch into your imaginary scene.

Now in between your imagination sessions, it’s key to remain in the state of consciousness of that congratulatory conversation. In other words, go about your day thinking and feeling as if you already have it. Here’s a story by Neville demonstrating this:

“A short time ago a friend told me she would love to visit Norway, but felt she could not afford it. I suggested that she dwell in Norway by seeing the world from Norway. She was not going to look at Norway from Los Angeles, or ask how she was going to get there, but to simply sleep as though her bed was in Norway and it was the only substance.

I received a card from her today, from Norway, where she confessed that she dwelled in the state as though she was there and she received a call from a casting office requesting her to make a picture in Norway!”

Notice how Neville suggests to her to dwell in Norway by seeing the world from Norway. She slept feeling as though her bed was in Norway, and through her day saw the world from the eyes of someone in Norway. It’s a subtle difference in feeling, but one that makes all the difference.

A powerful way to use this tool is in bed just before you fall asleep — because what you’ll be doing is remaining in the state of your wish fulfilled while you sleep.

And here’s a way to supercharge this tool — as you imagine the person congratulating you, feel a sense of great relief. Relief and ease are the most powerful identifiers of the wish fulfilled state of being.

How often to do it: You can do a Congratulatory Conversation session any time throughout the day, but try to do at least a morning and evening session, and focus on one conversation per session. It doesn’t have to take much time either — 20 seconds can work, as long as it allows you to fully embody the feeling state. Then in between sessions focus on maintaining that “feeling state.”

Moving Forward

With this article you have a solid foundation of tools for mastering manifestation in your life. There are other tools and techniques that Neville explored — which I’ll be touching on in other articles — but these are the core foundation of his teaching. Each tool has its own subtleties, so explore how each feels to you, and experiment with what gets you most efficiently to that state of ease in the wish fulfilled. A lot of this work is about exploring and discovering how the states Neville described feel to you, within you.

Begin playing with them, exploring the feeling states, expanding your imagination, and tweaking the subtleties. I use the word play with great purpose, because often times people sabotage their success by taking the journey too seriously. This is a journey of discovery, expansion, enjoyment and creation. The universe responds to play — in essence, joy — so don’t miss that crucial ingredient.

You can explore the Unleash Project site for more tidbits on discovering the subtleties of the state of the wish fulfilled, and as always, don’t forget to have fun!


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